alles weer passen

alles weer passen

Als je wilt lieren voor, dan kan je de voorbumper verstevigen. Dat leek me wel handig. Het komt van een link, maar ik heb het hier ook opgeslagen. hier is het origineel: Project Crunchie ’87 Syncro Tin Top Overlander. (Pic Heavy)

So with everything mocked up, I set to work. I will have to trim the lowest slat of bottom the grill, so that the hitch mount will sit far enough back, where it needs to be, but this seemed to be the most reasonable compromise. I tack welded the brackets into place, just to hold them still, while I drilled the holes through the bumper and brackets.

I added an extra hole on the hitch plate towards the rear, so the mounting was a little less linear. I used 12mm 10.9 grade bolts, which is about as hefty as it gets. I welded the nuts to the bottom of the “C” channel, so the bumpers simply bolt on from the top, through the accessories. After a few test fits, I ended up shimming the bumper slightly up, by adding some large washers to the brackets and welding them in place. I used some epoxy to seal them, as I didn’t want a ton of weld on there.

This addition dialed the height in perfectly. I can slide the bumper on, and it sits right where it needs to be. A few more test fittings, before final welding of the bracketry and I was good to go. I welded both front and rear edge of the brackets (opposite sides of the seam), and the inner edge of the bracket on the front additionally. There will eventually be some fog lights between the tow eyes and hitch mount.

A note on clearance and angles. The Gowesty front bumer literally sits on the bottom and front of the stock impact bumper. There really is little to no room for improvement there. Granted, they could look a little spiffier with some dimensions throw in, but the price point, fit and finish are well worth it. One day in the distant future, I might set about designing some of my own, if the need for a project moves me lol.

TIP: From this post, and trailnewt’s post, this might seem like a pretty straight forward and simple install, but fair warning, it is quite the undertaking. After all, you are making 3 sets of 12 holes in heavy gauge steel that all have to line up right at the end of the day (more like a weekend plus a few nights). You have to do everything in the correct order, keep the brackets numbered and grind, cut and weld your way to the finish line.

Vanuit deze post: Project Crunchie ’87 Syncro Tin Top Overlander. (Pic Heavy)
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